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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 28, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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ation goes into default. this bill is controversial and apparently need some more support before going for a vote. we are tracking developments. >> it is a sign of desperation. tonight's vote has been postponed. it will occur later tonight or possibly tomorrow. the bottom line, house republican leaders do not yet have the support they need for their version of the bill. it is a crisis time for john boehner. he tries to avoid the blame for a possible debt debacle. all day the tension could be felt on capitol hill. john boehner and his top deputies pressuring tea party republicans to get behind the debt to build. >> the united states senate will have no more excuses for inaction. the bill is not perfect. i never said it was a perfect. >> some high-profile white house
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hopefuls are refusing to back down. >> i cannot -- i am committed to not raising the debt ceiling. >> they include major spending cuts. a commission to propose more cuts. the big difference the senate will lift the debt for 2013. the house bill is only a temporary extension. the white house calls that not good enough. house leaders call it a compromise. but something that fixes the problem past august 2 and allows us to continue to focus on the issue of time to get the fiscal house in order. >> behind closed doors all day the arm-twisting continues. right now, john boehner is meeting with members one on one in his office. he is pulling them out of meetings and off of the house floor. he works furiously to find the
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216 votes that he needs. the senate is standing by waiting to vote. there is no guarantee that this crisis is over. >> you can continue to follow developments anytime on the transportation secretary ray lahood is urging congress to get the faa back up and running. thousands of employees have been off the job. the agency was shot down. he called for lawmakers to take swift action. >> for all of my friends on capitol hill, who give speeches every day about jobs, the importance of jobs, this is not the time to be letting off 70,000 construction workers. >> the partial shutdown has halted major construction projects across the country.
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nearly $200 million in price -- plane tickets also lost. the heat advisory have been posted and some areas will get close to 100 degrees tomorrow. bob ryan has the latest. >> this is the summer that we will all remember in the years to come. this july will go into the record books. the hottest july we have ever seen. the heat advisory is up for tomorrow. car temperatures got up into the 90's -- r temperatures got up into the 90's. we will only have a chance of having a few showers. the heat index rights in our area is already into the 90's because of the humidity. more 90's i had, yes.
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we are closing in on the record we said last summer. we do not want to do that. the latest on don also. we have a developing story from texas. that is for a plot to attack fort hood soldiers has been stopped. they have arrested a fort campbell soldier. they say he was in possession of bomb making materials and was preparing to attack american troops on and off base. >> based on documents obtained, the suspect wanted to detonate bombs at two restaurants popular with personnel. then issued survivors. authorities, with the help of a local gun shop owner, believe they have prevented another attack against personnel at fort hood. following the rest of naser abdo. >> military personnel were a
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target of this suspect. >> he is muslim and he made headlines last year when he refused to go to board did his religious beliefs. >> i have come to the conclusion that the consequences i would face are a lot less than the consequences i would face should i go. >> the 21-year-old went awol. a gunshot owner recently sold tim antel, a magazine, and gunpowder. >> that was the first red flag. >> wednesday, police raided his hotel and found weapons and potential bomb making materials. he was inspired by making -- he faces a possible death sentence after his arrest for killing 13 people in 2009 at fort hood. as for this case investigators are not saying much. but they appeared relieved. >> i can tell you that he is a
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very dangerous individual. he is where he needs to be. >> the gun shop where he is believed to have purchased items is the same store where he allegedly used in the 2009 attack. new details about the man who killed the deadly attacks in norway. he is a sociopath who appears to have acted alone despite his claims. they also believe he had been planning last week's attacks for more than a decade. he faces more interrogation tomorrow. authorities want to find out if there is any more danger. >> he registered his weapons. we think also that he has been very careful in those he has been communicating with. >> he confessed to the bombing and shooting rampage that killed
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76 people. still to come, a sign the job market may be on the mend. we have some better news about the unemployed in america. >> in arlington, one of the busiest roadway is about to get
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you are watching abc7 news at 6 on your side. could this be a sign that the job market is healing? >> the number of people applying for unemployment has dropped to its lowest levels in months. this is the first-time applications have fallen below 400,000 since april. experts say the chain -- the change signals help the job growth. foreclosure activity has declined in 178 of the country's 211 largest metropolitan areas. the decline is a result of delays and before closing process. lenders are having problems getting for the paper work.
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president obama it is planning to propose new fuel economy standards tomorrow. it would require all cars to get at least 55 miles per gallon by the year 2055. the standards will save a lot of money. some people question whether this new standard is realistic. a couple of years ago they agreed to standards of 35 miles per gallon. jetblue airlines is offering a deal for unlimited flights. there are three different packages. one originates from boston and flies to d.c.. it cost $1,500 and will be unsell from late august until november. we will see how vdot is helping drivers. >> get ready for some more intense heat and humidity.
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>> the climate is changing in redskins park. albert haynesworth is gone.
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vdot is planning to experiment with a method that would use technology to inform drivers weather to expect a delay. this is a first of its kind plan. drivers are learning about how it would work. >> at this very moment, that they are putting on a public hearing to explain what they're calling smart technology. bear gall -- they're not going to make 66 a construction zone. they say they are going to use what they have and just add to it. >> it is always a risk taking it. >> any parts of the 34-miles between the district and haymarket va. understand its notoriety. >> it cannot handle all the
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cars. >> officials know well the problems on this roadway. without changing the road itself it can attempt to make condition safer with the marriage of technology and information. at $32 million, the active traffic management will use modern systems and cameras to measure traffic speed and volume. >> weekend despite a message -- we count display a message. we can start moving people. >> those make more sense. >> they have been used for years in a limited fashion on 66, something that has troubled driving safety advocates. >> you cannot do it with technology. you have to have a very strong law enforcement presence. >> constructions will move ahead on east and west palm lanes of
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66. it looks like that construction will be something that they will implement over a course of time with the entire project finished by this summer of 2014. >> summer of 2014 should be cooler than this one. this is a hotter summer than last summer. >> too many records. >> we make about -- we make it another record tomorrow. here is how it looks. partly cloudy skies. our temperature here in washington even with a partly cloudy skies, has made it up to 93. we are getting close to what is going on last summer.
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outside, our current temperature, our high temperature into the 90's. 95 degrees not that far away from the record. the record tomorrow is 99 degrees. we may get there. look at the temperatures right now. that was the kind of air that we had yesterday. another record. the pork folks in wichita -- the poor folks in wichita, 107 degrees. that means again today, it felt like 105 to 115 in parts of the mid part of the country. excessive heat mornings are out. you can see the heat advisories are over us. where is don? it is not a big storm. there you can see the circulation.
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from here, it will continue to move on a pretty good track toward the texas gulf coast. it will be bringing in some needed rain to those drought- stricken areas not a huge threat. overnight tonight, we will see partly cloudy skies. when you get up tomorrow morning, at temperatures will be only in the 70's. the high-temperature tomorrow afternoon by midafternoon, getting up close to 100. we might get to be 102. with the humidity, and that is the reason why we have those heat advisories. tomorrow morning, at 80 degrees to start out. with that sunshine and the humidity near record high temperatures tomorrow. not quite as hot but still humid, as the head on into the weekend. ready or not, here comes august.
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the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. albert haynesworth is gone. donovan mcnabb is gone. what do you want to talk about? >> there is a lot to talk about. things are moving quickly. james r. douglass salary-cap and try to plug holes with free agents. -- teams are juggling act salary caps and they're trying to plug holes with a free agent. albert haynesworth was all smiles that afternoon in february of 2009. >> the money is awesome. but i put that comment on, -- that helmet on.
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>> his work ethic was questioned. mike shanahan then took over. all of the seven, a battle of wills was under way. >> when he does pass the test, he will be on that football field. >> are they picking on you? >> apparently, unwilling to play defense, he spent more time on the bench than he did on the field. he was suspended for the final four games. the redskins also released casey rabach. they freed up more than $12 million under the salary cap. they did sign chris chester. a really good get there. it has been a very busy day. let's go back out to redskins
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park. i understand you had a nice visit with the philip daniels. >> he was a fan favorite. he spent six seasons as a redskin. he was a leader in the locker room. he found us suddenly this morning that he would no longer be a part of it. >> my age was a deciding factor pretty much. >> he told me that he has not spoken to any teams at this time. there have not been any offers, but he still wants to win a super bowl. he is in shape and ready to go. >> let's go to baseball. the national's played a matinee against the marlins. the nationals have now lost five games in a row. let's go back downtown. he was trailing 2-one and doing ok.
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he dials long distance. center field, home run. the marlins sweep of the nationals. davey johnson has won only nine of the 26 games as a manager of the nationals. they are investigating nine infractions at carolina. the athletic director resigned after 14 years with the tar heels. yesterday, the head coach step down. things are not doing well in chapel hill, north carolina. >> what happened?
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we have a new facebook contest for you. >> the package includes seats behind home plate, a great parking, and to free food. you can sign up for the contest on our facebook page. >> let's see what what has and the forecast for us. >> it will be a winning game. >> i like the free food. >> outside tomorrow, 100 possibly. if we hit 100, it will be a record. water temperatures in the 70's. the potomac water at 87 degrees. >>
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